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“I had a hard time coming up with a way to say this — I want to read all of [ 2dcloud’s ] books. [ 2dcloud is ] one of the few publishers who consistently puts out material I love. Maybe that's better than the quote below.”

"2dcloud has a specific, idiosyncratic voice, like that of an artist. It’s a point of view that’s recognizable, but hard to define. It’s art books-meet-comics with a sense of warmth, humanity and vulnerability. It’s pain, with hope, always beautiful and surprising." Keiler Roberts, author of Rat Time, and Chlorine Gardens

"Nobody is publishing weird, avant-garde, and visually innovative art comix like 2dcloud. It’s the kind of work that, by its very nature, will never be lucrative, but they do it because they believe in artists, and I believe in them.”

“I want to see art with a unique hand. I want artists that tell stories no one else can. I want my visual vocabulary expanded when I look at what you do. Comics that look how a comic should look are for babies and for the birds." Julia Gfrörer, author of Laid Waste, and Black is the Color

Daring, exciting, boundary-pushing work continues with 2dcloud’s Spring Collection. Copy Kitty by Kyung-Me is filled with shimmering, intricate, hypnotic graphite drawings navigating obsessive love and longing. Max Baitinger’s inventive and hilariously droll Röhner — translated from the original German into English — makes its American debut. And the Brooklyn artist collective Plum presents the gorgeously colorful and lush Mirror Mirror 3.

—Copy Kitty by Kyung-Me
—Röhner by Max Baitinger
—Mirror Mirror 3 by Plum


These books have been years in the making and it has taken us years to bring them to you. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

2dcloud commissioned these illustrations from Stephen Hayes, our lead designer and an editor at the label. His debut book will be published in a forthcoming collection.  


56 pp 
12 × 8"
b&w, 2, 4 color offset 
MSRP $19.95US


“...intricate, hypnotic…” —Selena Gallery 

“A shimmering fake moon, opulent costume changes, and Depression-era Art Deco set the backdrop for this spellbinding new narrative from Kyung-Me.” —The Editorial Magazine 


“Kyung-Me’s ultra-precise ink drawings, which resemble both Renaissance etchings and finely wrought computer-generated renderings, are windows into starkly glamorous modernist interiors.” —The New Yorker 

“In a series of grayscale drawings, Kyung-Me renders every wood grain and textile fiber with ink, charcoal, or graphite in crisp detail, with no loss from foreground to background. The meticulous clarity is dizzying, even hallucinatory. With no singular focus or discernible narrative, the subjectless interior induces a horror vacui through its elaborate, often competing patterns.” —The Offing 


“A charmingly self-deprecating show, Bad Korean is a deeply personal exploration of feeling alienated from both one’s own body and one’s environment. Kyung-Me’s sketches initially appear rough and hurried, with loose outlines and plain washes of color that carelessly overstep their bounds. Her facial expressions are an exception. Consistently illustrated with profound sensitivity, her drawn avatar’s face elucidates a complex conflation of conflicted feelings. She offers a rare feminist window into second-generation intersectionality, achieved at a human scale.” —Hyperallergic

“Kyung-Me’s drawings, rendered in colored pencil and pastel on paper, show flattened visions of everyday life in New York — images of being optimistic and confused and gross and lonely and lost and hungry and in love.” —Huffington Post 

An adult picture book comprised of intricate, surreal graphite illustrations that tell the tale of obsessive love and longing and the maddening, self-inflicted contortions of identity endured to fit perceived expectations and norms.

Copy Kitty explores themes of identity, belonging and love through a cat who painfully and continually reinvents itself in pursuit of adoration and an elusive ideal. Autobiographically driven, the narrative strikes a chord through common experiences conveyed authentically, with sharp perspective and deep reflection on the self-destructive consequences of perceived ideals and sublimation of identity.

The format of the book presents each of the highly detailed illustrations alternating with a blank page. Copy Kitty is based on a series of illustrations Kyung-Me exhibited at galleries in New York, which were met with strong critical acclaim. In 2018, work from Copy Kitty was featured in Artspace, having been selected on the favorites list from the New York NADA preview by prominent art collectors Susan and Michael Hort.

Kyung-Me is an artist and illustrator living in New York. She is represented by Bureau, NY.  She holds an MFA in painting from the Yale School of Art and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York galleries and beyond. She is best known for her series of illustrations and debut graphic novel, Bad Korean, critically acclaimed by Vice, Huffington Post, and Hyperallergic.


Max Baitinger

216 pp
6 × 8.2" 
b&w, 2 color offset 
poster 8.2 × 18.75"
MSRP $21.95US

“Röhner expertly shows off Max's inventive draftsmanship, droll wit, and precise cartooning. It's one of my favorite books for 2020.” —Gina Wynbrandt, author of Someone Please Have Sex With Me

“Max is such a good observer of interpersonal relations, and therefore a great storyteller. Needless to say that his drawings are magnetic. I keep staring at them and think: How did he do that? Röhner is one of my favorite books.” —Anna Haifisch, author of The Artist

“Designs whole worlds with a few lines.” —Sabine Danek, Critic

“Baitinger leaves the reader in the dark about the big picture. He prefers to show details: how the protagonist spins his appointment calendar in the air to indicate that he has no time. The way aluminium confetti pours out of a letter onto a shag rug. Baitinger breaks up an everyday matter like brewing coffee into many small steps, each in an individual image: ‘Switch on boiler. Insert pot. Fill tank. Insert filter.’” —Josa Mania-Schlegel, journalist at Krautreporter

Previously published in German by Rotopol Press, Röhner is a delightfully detailed field guide to the everyday tasks of living in an apartment — making coffee, watering plants, and maintaining order and a careful balance with neighbors — until that order is upset.

Max Baitinger’s dry humor and precise drawings deftly personify his über persnickety protagonist, simply referred to as P., whose regimented life is disrupted by the arrival of Röhner, an unloved houseguest who imposes upon his psyche and offsets the careful balance with his gregarious, omnipresent neighbor. Devious tricks and hilarious imaginations of Röhner’s elimination take shape, from painstakingly making up Röhner’s guest room and then piercing the air mattress to cause a slow leak, to visions of an exploding coffee pot tearing off Röhner’s face.

Baitinger has three books published and Röhner is his first English language publication.

Born in Penzberg, Upper Bavaria in 1982, Max Baitinger has been drawing comics since his apprenticeship as a carpenter. He studied illustration at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. His work is influenced by the Duden Pictorial Dictionary of 1992, Beautiful Living; Stories by Luise Boege and Agota Kristof. As described by a critic, he "designs whole worlds with a few lines." His book Heimdall was honorably mentioned at the International Comic Salon Erlangen 2014 (ICOM). The German version of Röhner was a finalist for the comic book award of the Berthold Leibinger Foundation and has been featured on The Goethe Institut website. It‘s also published in France and Spain. In 2017 he went on a reading tour with his latest book "Birgit“, the story of an office worker. It was featured by It’s Nice That and was awarded with the German Illustrators Award "Hans Meid Preis". Baitinger is an organizer of "The Millionaires Club" comic festival in Leipzig and he works as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator.


108 pp
6 × 8" 

4 color offset 
MSRP $19.95US

"This is not a comics anthology that just compiles various contributions by different artists but rather one that can only exist as one piece, one that was created by three parts of one body with a shared vision. These stories don’t make you see the individual artists behind them — these stories want to tell you that they created themselves and will keep recreating even after you put the book down. A living organism of the most convincing examples that show how masterful and unpretentiously poetic comics can be." —Aisha Franz, author of Shit is Real 

"Lush dancing forms in kaleidoscopic color and style, Mirror Mirror 3 is animated, playful and delicious. A collection of delightfully joyous work vibrating with creative vigor. An ornate dream box of beautifully wrapped candies you've never tried before." —Lale Westvind, author of Grip 

Mirror Mirror 3 is a vibrant maelstrom of mixed media, arriving at a stunning intersection of innocence, joy, and color. 

The third volume of 2dcloud’s flagship anthology is created in partnership with Plum, a Brooklyn-based artist collective and publisher. This volume of the anthology series is divided into three sections, one by each of the Plum artists, with collaborative work connecting the stories. Themes throughout include nature, introspection and interpersonal relationships. Plum’s imagery is vibrant, emotive, and mythic. 

Plum Press is a small press located in Brooklyn, NY. They publish comics, zines and other printed materials and products. They host events and work in a variety of media. Plum is run by Haejin Park, Paige Mehrer, Sophie Page.