Out of Hollow Water by Archie Bongiovanni
Out of Hollow Water by Archie Bongiovanni
Out of Hollow Water by Archie Bongiovanni

Out of Hollow Water by Archie Bongiovanni

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104 pp
6 × 6"
2 color offset
perfect bound
french flaps
printed by McNaughton & Gunn in MI

"A shadow smeared dream-cycle rife with haunting symbolism." —The AV Club

"An unsettling and haunting debut." —Publishers Weekly

"Just from looking at Bongiovanni’s style, you know you’re about to experience something deeply personal." —Autostraddle

"There’s a beautiful eeriness to Bongiovanni’s work that I find irresistible. Like an old black and white film about some forgotten fairy tale." —Noah Van Sciver

"Haunting, disturbing, breathtaking and beautiful — this is a story that will stay with you."

"Archie’s scratchy, understated line unerringly evokes helplessness, violation, and a lingering sense of psychic revulsion, dropping the presumed morals out from under you and then implicating you in the inevitable disaster. The effect is smart, chilling, viscerally disturbing but never showy or cruel." —Julia Gfrörer

Out of Hollow Water, the debut book by Archie Bongiovanni, is an exercise in the fantastical and intensely personal, plumbing hidden depths both real and imagined. It is a work that wanders into the dark recesses of the female experience, where the only escape is through cathartic release, taking myriad forms. This book draws and expands upon themes Bongiovanni has cultivated in past works, while signaling a shift in presentation. Moving from the rough, scratchy inked pages of their minicomics to the hazy imperfection of pencil on vellum, Bongiovanni has constructed a space befitting their oblique narratives. This triptych of stories showcases a stark, emergent voice in the ever growing world of comics, one worth following down whatever path they might take you.


Out of Hollow Water by Archie Bongiovanni