Motherlover ed. Raighne
Motherlover ed. Raighne
Motherlover ed. Raighne

Motherlover ed. Raighne

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72 pp
5.5 × 7.5"
1, 2, 4 color offset
perfect bound
printed by Bang Printing in Brainerd, MN

"[Motherlover] has a way of evoking dread and malaise in equal measure." —Rob Clough

"Breutzman’s style is unusual in that he mixes naturalism in terms of his backgrounds and character designs with slightly loose, rubbery expressions on his characters’ faces." —The Comics Journal

"...the world is weird and the world is uncomfortable." —Comics Bulletin

Motherlover is a tightly-knit anthology, modeling itself off of Drawn & Quarterly’s since retired annual showcase. This one-off volume pairs Minnesotan creators Nicholas Breutzman, John & Luke, and editor Raighne together for woodsy and weird excursions in dark comedy. Mood rings, disaffected twenty-somethings in NYC, unsupervised nine-year olds in the pursuit, nay, NEED, of finding a porno tape, and suburban white boys buying fake crack — Minnesota’s finest!

Funding provided in part by kickstarter.

shop illustration by Ash H. G.

Motherlover ed. Raighne