100 by nou
100 by nou
100 by nou

100 by nou

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24 pp
4 × 5"
1 color 
saddle stitched
printed by Perfectly Acceptable in Chicago

"Faces laid more bare in their sorrowful eyes, than their naked bodies..."
Shawn Starr

Fragmentary and fleeting, an avatar stands in an empty space — naked in front of cloud cover. 

Nou is puzzling in a way that is different from experimental writers like Georges Perec. Her puzzles are orchestrated not so much by formal rules, but by the complexities of life today. Much of her past work consists of love letters, screen-caps, stickers, zines, and graffiti — which through her oeuvre — collide with panache. Nou lives in Portland.

shop illustration by Maggie Umber

100 by nou